samedi 30 juin 2012

Secret of Cetina

The scene takes place in a pirate boat, off the Adriatic sea, among a captain and his young ship’s boy…

« Ship to core Captain… »

« You pirate carnival ! We are in Hrvatska Republika ship’s boy, the country of a thousand islands. Do you really know where the hell are we ! »

« Yes Captain… We are going to land at Omis, the famous pirate’s town… »

« You apprentice coconut pirate !! What can we find in this strange place ! »

« First… We can go swimming and enjoying the nice and warm Adriatic sea… »

« Thousands thunders !! I need a rest since this last expedition to the Karakoram mountains ! »

« Then… We can have good dinners and drinks near the pirate’s fort downtown city… »

« Hell and damnation !! I miss grilled fish and Pina Colada since this last trip to Pakistan ! »

« Then… Omis is surronded by nice limestone walls… We can find many sportclimbing spots and multipitch aera too…There is a wonderful 300 m route with 7 pitches : 5c/6b+/6a/6b+/5a/5a/5c. We could climb it in the morning, before sun gets too high and too warm…The view from summit must be very nice... »

« Trillion miles portholes !! Sun and good rock, it sounds perfect. But what about girls in bikinis ! I haven’t seen any last two months ! »

« Well Captain, we are very close to Split and it’s full of beautiful and sophisticated sirens… But I have heard about a much better one for you Captain… Ena , the blacksmith’s daughter… She trains in Sustipan aera… She climbs above the sea… Deep Water Solo… In order to control her fears...and I was told she recently climbed her first 7a in Visoke Pole aera..."

« You, old talkative parrot !! What a girl !! Maybe I could climb this little big wall with her ! Where is it located exactly ? and what the name of this route ? if you dare tell me ! »

«  It’s on Ilinac Cliff… Very close to the nice Cetina river… But for the name Captain… it’s a secret… the Secret of Cetina… »

« Captain…Captain… You have fallen asleep… Were you going to dream ?? It’s time to go back home… I think… »

« You are right, you young Istok !! I was sleeping… The blacksmith’s daughter… I have no more energy !! It’s time to go back home now and grab away our pirate’s earring ! But we will be back ! Because this dreaming place is full of marvelous routes to climb and many more to open !!! »

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