mardi 25 décembre 2012

Jalovec couloir

A bit fed up with Christmas tradition ?
You have enough of stupid Christmas tree, horrible songs « let it snow , let it snow blablabla » and disgusting dinners with your old aunt ?
Anyway, you have not been very kind this year and you don’t expect anything from Santa …
Why not offer you a selfish present and go to Slovenia in order to discover Julian Alps with your skis …

 With Ena Vrbek, a very good local guide ;)  we  recommend to you the Jalovec Couloir.

 This nice 2643m mountain is known as the Matterhorn of Julian Alps. It’s the 4th highest in this aera and from top you have an amazing view on king Triglav (2864m).

So after a cold night in the van near « Planica » the famous ski jumping aera, we woke up at 5 on this 24 th of december !

First part is a bit boring, because you have to skin on a flat road almost 6 km to join the mountain hut « Dom v Tamarju ». 

Then follow north direction betewen the trees. (the summer path is marked with red signs). The North-East couloir is obvious above your head.

You put crampons, ice axe(s) and of course helmet ;) at 1500m altitude, sheltered by a big rock.

Once on summit of couloir, you feel a bit warmed by the sun and you follow on South-West Slopes until a big rock aera. The classic ski descent starts there and you don’t ski from summit.
Until this point it takes between 3 and 5h climbing up from refuge, depending on snow conditions.

The couloir is never too steep (45° at the maximum) and is graded S4 for skiing. But the limestone rock on both side makes it really good looking and bit impressive.

Just be aware of snow conditions and avalanche danger, it’s a huge toboggan !

Don’t forget to have a beer at the nice mountain hut to celebrate a nice day in Julian Alps.

I have to admit that after a such good day in mountain, we celebrated Christmas eve. With a Christmas tree, Christmas songs, Christmas presents, Christmas dinner …
And you know what ??
It was great :p

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