dimanche 8 décembre 2013


We, french people are known to be (too much) proud of ourselves and chauvinistic. We always brag about our tastefull cheese, delicate cuisine and delightfull wines… Our football team is, for sure, the best of the world, our towns and landscapes the nicest and our girls the prettiest … I am not so sure about all of it ;)
But What is certain ; we have the best bouledring aera : The worlwide famous « Forêt de Fontainebleau ».

25 000 ha of magic wood dotted with millions of gorgeous sandstone bouders.
Whatever your level you will for sure find a little treasure, and little candy for climber… or at least you will have lot of fun trying and trying a nice project !

Even if you are not so much into boulder climbing, you should at least come there to enjoy this gift of nature, to have fun and to extend your climbing experience.

It is exactly in this mode we have been 3 days climbing in fontainebleau forest with Ena.

First day was used to become accustomed with the specific way of climbing. Every holds are quite flat and it is all about balance and friction. We were lucky to have dry and cold weather because climbing is really condition depending.

On the two other days we were able to focus on our little useless, funny and great projects. As I was able to flash some 7a problems and in the same time completly unable to move in some 5a, I guess grades are not the most important there ;) Anyway we manage to achieve our little goals and Ena has sent her 6c+ slab (La défroquée) while I was pleased to climb on this compressive 7b traverse (La ballade du Graviton).

We visited 3 sectors : L’Elephant, La roche aux sabots and Bas cuvier, but there are so other nice sectors, great boulders and funky projects that we will for sure be back there …


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