dimanche 24 janvier 2016

Pointe Alphonse Favre (2788m) : Traversée Col des Crochues - Glacier du Mort.

Recently, a mountain guide told me : « This ski tour is on my top ten list in the Alps ». It makes me wondering what would be my top ten list ? How would I grade a ski touring day and with which factors…
The quality of the snow is for sure important. The general ambiance of the route, and a beautiful surrounding are needed. As far as I am concerned, the most important would be who I am sharing the day with ! So it is hard to make the top ten list of nicest ski tour in the alps… it would be easier to make the top ten list of best partners to go ski touring with. And for sure this whole team will be all in !!

Our day starts like in the last Tarantino movie. You just have to change the « hateful 8 » by the « Joyful 7 » take the first cablecar on Flégère and here we go for a smile competition. 
We started from summit of « Floria » skilift (2470m). 

We skinned up for 250m D+ on a perfect terrain to practice « Quick Turns ». (Never that quick with splitboards and wide freerando skis ;)

We arrived on « col des Aiguilles crochues » (2704m). 

After a nice little descent on north side with cold and good snow, we started climbing again on a south couloir. Around 400m D+ with "quick turning" and "bootpacking" has lead us to summit of Pointe Alphonse Favre (2788m). 

The last 100 m are often in mixed condition and could be a bit tricky. We used crampons, ice axe, and rope. It is always cool to practice a bit of alpinism skills.

What to say about the skiing down part… it was just 4 tracks in front of us, the snow was still cold and really good. We enjoyed it … a lot.

Thank you Ena, Ness, Borko, Brownie, Simon, Rich’… We should do it more often !
Impossible to say who won the smile competition. but for sure we all had a great day…

That kind of day you can easily put in the top ten list


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